If you are thinking about revamping a workspace to make it more collaborative, then there are many options and choices for you to explore. Here are some simple and great collaborative workspace design ideas that you need to know:

Collaborative Workspace Design Ideas You Need to Know

Tear Down the Walls

Walls and cubicles go against the fundamental idea of a collaborative workspace. Instead, you need to create a space that allows people to gather and have discussions. In order to create such a space, you will need to make an open-air environment with intelligent design and comfortable furniture. It is essential to provide workers with many opportunities to change their seating positions and allow them space where they can develop their unique working styles.

You will want to invest in ergonomic tables and chairs so that your employees don’t develop neck or back pain due to long hours of working. You can also consider having some standing desks as they can be quite fashionable and modern.


Aesthetics are as important as comfort. You can have walls with posters of successful and inspirational people and their quotes. You can have some great artwork and plants. Make sure to go for interesting colors for your walls. Color is associated with various moods. Blue can provide a calm environment. White is a minimalist color that creates a Zen-like atmosphere. You can also go for warm colors like red and yellow.

Create Lounge Areas

The days of traditional working spaces are long gone. Employees in top organizations are given lounge areas where they have bean bags and couches to sit on. These areas of relaxation allow employees to have informal conversations. Funnily enough, these places are where most of the best ideas for the work tends to come from.

Create Play Areas

Some of the best companies in the world place a great emphasis on their employees having some time out to play their favorite games. They have sophisticated and impressive play areas with board games, a ping pong table, a dartboard and video game consoles.

Many employees also like to do yoga and rejuvenate themselves. Hence, it is essential to create a good play area where employees can relax and unwind from the everyday work stress.


A collaborative workspace needs powerful Wi-Fi, project management tools, effective communication software, high-quality screens and video conferencing platforms. In addition, modern-day collaborative workspaces need to be intelligent and AI-powered. It is also important to have electronic booking systems for conference rooms in place to ensure a proper schedule of conference meetings.

In Conclusion

Good collaborative workspace ideas help break down the hierarchy of roles among employees in an organization and create a sense of equality and simplicity. In addition, they have been instrumental in breaking down the heaviness of traditional working environments and bringing in a more serene working atmosphere.