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This is an archive of the event from 2013. :)

Bit Bazaar

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  • Support local indie game makers directly by preordering unreleased games and buying unique items!
  • Meet the talent behind rad Web comics and pick up short-run editions and prints
  • Nosh tasty snacks and take home packaged foods from honey to pie
  • Play games in the Arcade of the Bazaar
  • Collect cards from each vendor and battle your friends in a new game designed by Damian Sommer!
  • PLUS! grab custom holiday cards designed by Attract Mode artists!
  • What: A video-game-and-comics themed holiday marketplace
  • When: Saturday, December 7, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
    Opening Party! → Friday, December 6, 7 p.m.
  • How much: Admission is FREE (but bring $$ to buy gifts!)
  • Where: Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace 862 Richmond Street West, Toronto. Just south of the gates of Trinity-Bellwoods Park, near Strachan and Richmond.


  • Alientrap Games Apotheon

  • Asteroid Base Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

  • Bigpants Endlight

  • Bluish-Green Productions BGP Orbit

  • CAPY Super Time Force

  • Castle Pixel Rex Rocket

  • Dames Making Games Swipe Comic Anthology #1, DMG Mini-Arcade

  • Damian Sommer & Dom2D Without Question

  • Daniel Orellana & Patrick Rainville Beat Patrol

  • David S Gallant I Get This Call Every Day

  • DrinkBox Studios Mutant Blobs Attack w/Power Hat

  • Elliot Q. Pines I HATE PLANES, MirrorMirror, BareBones

  • Flash Forward Games A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

  • FrostFire Games Redshift: Afterlife + SpinDrift

  • Golden Gear, Inc. Fate Tectonics

  • HardHead Games World Destroyers

  • Katie Foster The Disappearance of Emily Butler

  • Love Conquers All Games INTERSTELLAR SELFIE STATION photobooth

  • Misfit Children Games - Randy Orenstein Archive, Memoria Technica

  • MK-ULTRA GAMES INC. Knight and Damsel

  • Necrophone Games Jazzpunk

  • netgrind Make Glitchy / The Dezert

  • Paul Tseng Outer Earth

  • Rocket 5 Studios Inc The Phantom PI Mission Apparition

  • Rokashi I'm Fine


  • Vagabond Dog Always Sometimes Monsters


  • a dire fawn HUGPUNX

  • Breakfall Starwhal

  • Callum Hay Biff! Bam!! Blammo!?!

  • CAPY Super Time Force

  • Dustin Freeman & Kyle Duffield Shapeshifter

  • Five Archers Corporation Battletank: L.O.B.A.

  • KO-OP Skipping Stones

  • KPD Games Huskerball

  • Numizmatic Zombygon

  • Quadolor Games Gonna Catcha

  • Steger Games Mount Your Friends

  • Vivid Foundry Babel


  • DAS HOBAK The Pig Sleep, The Crab Cannon, Three Girls, Bryan, Engine Summer, Snow, With Friends Like These, Sad Eyes

  • Gillian Blekkenhorst Poor Jack mobiles + PSA comic

  • Ian Yuan Critical Bit

  • idfactory Freelance Blues

  • James King Dungeon Master's Delight, Vol 1: Sandbox Campaigns

  • Jenn Woodall Magical Beatdown Vol. 1, I-330, Seance, Moon Power!

  • Meaghan Carter Take off!

  • Megan Kearney Beauty and The Beast

  • Rachel Kahn By Crom!, Weald Comics

  • Trevor Henderson Super Creeps, Puffed Shoggoths, Unnamed Krampus comic

  • VERWHO? Towerkind, Meat&Bone, Recovery Data?


  • Babineau's Patisserie Palmier

  • From Scratch Pie Company Chicken & Ham Pot Pies, Lobster Pot Pies

  • hive consciousness sticky bees urban honey

  • Liberty Village Brewing Company 504 Pale Ale

  • Urban Acorn Catering Plum+Ginger Apple Cider

  • Windowshade Delicatessen Slow Soup + Pirate Queen Chocolates


  • Attract Mode Holiday Cards + Zines + Art

  • Brandon Allen Photography Deconstructed

  • Cardboard & Ideas The WO-WO Kit

  • n maxwell lander Photo Booth of the Bazaar

  • Portmanteau Devices, Inc. Bwiip synthesizer

  • Toronto Comic Arts Festival Posters, merch, and more.

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Event Director

Jennie Faber / @jennie

Promotions & Project Management

Samantha Fraser

Food Vendor Coordinator

Hillary Connolly

Volunteer & Exhibitor Coordinator

Henry Faber / @henryfaber