Video Games

  • N++ Metanet Software

  • GNAH! KO-OP Mode

  • Rex Rocket Castle Pixel

  • Tenya Wanya Teens Uvula/Wild Rumpus/Venus Patrol

  • Fate Tectonics Golden Gear

  • The Highwayman Will O'Neill

  • Interstellar Selfie Station Love Conquers All Games

  • Medication Meditation Kara Stone

  • Framed Loveshack

  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Asteroid Base

  • Kill Shakespeare & Machine of Death IDW and Machine of Death

  • Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition DrinkBox Studios

  • SpaceRace Tough Guy Mountain

  • Exist Narcissist Reality


  • Stalemate Yifat Shaik

  • Spirographics Jammingames

  • Shutshimi Neon Deity Games

  • WE ARE DOOMED Caffeine Monster Software

  • Archive, Memoria Technica Misfit Children

  • Various Dames Making Games

  • Various Mount Royal Game Society

  • Always Sometimes Monsters Vagabond Dog

  • SPACE/OFF & Consensual Torture Simulator a dire fawn

  • SSMP Jon Remedios

  • edenfest & 2sWitches indiegrimes

  • Diachron numizmatic

  • The Phantom PI Mission Apparition Rocket 5 Studios Inc

  • Knight & Damsel MK-Ultra

  • They Bleed Pixels & Russian Subway Dogs Spooky Squid Games Inc.

  • Apotheon & Autocraft Alientrap Games Inc

  • Shu’s Garden Jason RT Bond & Colin Sanders

Eats & Drinks

  • sparkling tonic lemonade Carroll & Co.

  • Savoury Pot Pies From Scratch Pie Company

  • Mexican Tapas Santo Pecado

  • Haitian Street Food (fritay) Urban Acorn Catering

  • 504 Pale Ale Liberty Village Brewing Company

  • Sauces + Samples PEC Hot Sauce Company

  • Pirate Queen Chocolates Windowshade Delicatessen


  • Hyein Lee Hyein Lee Illustration + Motion

  • idfactory Freelance Blues / Nail in the Heart

  • Elizabeth Simins Gaming’s Feminist Illuminati, Bad at Games

  • Noreen Rana Prints, buttons + artwork

What’s Bit Bazaar?

A video game arcade meets zine fair

Buy one-of-a-kind, limited-edition and handmade/DIY items—zines, boxed games, art prints, comics, t-shirts, mixtapes, papercraft and toys—direct from your favorite Toronto independent game makers!

A celebration of indie food makers

From international street food to local craft beer and small-batch treats, our city's most incredible brewers and chefs will be on hand to wet your whistle and fill your tummy.

How to Find Bento Miso

The venue is located at 862 Richmond Street West, in Toronto's Queen West neighborhood. We're just south of the gates of Trinity-Bellwoods Park, near Strachan and Richmond.

Public Transit

Take the 501 Queen or 504 King streetcar to Strachan. We're one block south of Queen and two north of King on Richmond.


There are paid Green P parking lots at Walnut/Richmond (2-minute walk), Queen/Ossington and King/Tecumseth (10-minute walk). They range from $2 to $3.50/hour. Street parking is $1.50 to $2.25/hour.

Comics vs Games 3 Programs at Bento Miso

Bit Bazaar May 10 - 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

Presented by


Jennie Faber @jennie

Bit Bazaar is part of Comics vs Games 3, a Toronto Comic Arts Festival event sponsored by Bento Miso and co-organized with The Hand Eye Society and Attract Mode.

Check out the full lineup of Comics vs Games events!

The Comics vs Games 3D Gallery May 8-10

Presented by


Matt Hawkins @FortNinety
Henry Faber @HenryFaber

Opening Reception May 8 at 7 p.m.!


Artists + Games

Lamar Abrams • Mariel Cartwright • Ashley Davis • Kyle Fewell • JovoVe • Kris Mukai • John Pham • Asif Siddiky • Kelly Smith • Babs Tarr • Markus Toivonen • Ventla • Mikko Walamies • Steve Courtney • Jesse Tise

Plus original commissioned 3D VR games by game dev/comic artist teams Kyle Dwyer/Adam Hines • Daniele Hopkins/Gillian Blekkenhorst • Christine Love/Jenn Woodall

Comics vs Games Talks May 10 - 12 p.m.-7 p.m.

Presented by


Miguel Sternberg @spookysquid

Panels + Speakers

noon Comics and Crowds: The Experimental, Massively Multiplayer Comics of XKCD

Randall Munroe

1 p.m. The Last of Us – Making American Dreams

Faith Erin Hicks

2 p.m. Play My Life – Autobiographical Comics and Games

David S Gallant • merritt kopas • Annie Mok • Kelly Phillips with moderator Soha El-Sabaawi

3 p.m. Putting Pixels on Paper - Game Zine Revolution

Elizabeth Simins • Ashley Davis • Mathew Kumar • Matt Hawkins with moderator Adam Hines

4 p.m. Furnishing Gone Home – Creating a House That Tells a Story

Kate Craig

5 p.m. The Yawhg Post Mortem – Crafting A Multiplayer Choose Your Own Adventure

Damian Sommer and Emily Carroll

6 p.m. Out of Order – Playing with Sequential Art in Framed

Joshua Boggs