Buy one-of-a-kind, limited-edition and handmade/DIY items—pins, zines, boxed video games, card decks, art prints, comics, t-shirts, game soundtracks on vinyl, mixtapes, papercraft and toys—direct from your favorite independent game makers!

Come hungry! Food vendors will be on site serving up hot chocolate, spiked cider and local craft beer, deep-fried maple churros, jackfruit tacos, buttermilk chicken bao, chocolate dipped caramels, caramel popcorn, English toffee, and more.

Video Games

  • The Hum Beneath Us Beccy David & Patrick Rainville

  • Various Jim Guthrie

  • Job Lozenge From Smiling

  • Untitled spirasonic

  • Spirographics @Jammingames

  • The Yawhg Damian Sommer

  • Techno Tarot Kara Stone

  • Skidaddle Robby Duguay + Hube Bibrowski

  • Planet of the Eyes Cococucumber

  • Apotheon + Autocraft Alientrap Games Inc

  • Various Team Vector

  • Make Glitchy 2.yo Camp Cult

  • Here Be Dragons The Edge of Thought

  • SSMP Jon Remedios

  • Tachyon Reef Five Archers

  • Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition DrinkBox Studios

  • Shutshimi Neon Deity Games

  • Knight & Damsel MK-ULTRA Games

  • LOUD on Planet X Pop Sandbox

  • Omnomnom Mayhow

  • Beat Patrol Daniel Orellana

  • I'm Fine Rokashi

  • The Twitching Brew Slimekat

  • Various Dames Making Games

  • Sago Mini Sago Sago

  • Interstellar Selfie Station Nadine Lessio + Christine Love

  • Untitled Droqen

  • HAIK0DE Sagan Yee + Whitney French

  • Fortune-Telling Card Deck Arcane Bullshit

  • Fate Tectonics Golden Gear


  • Escape from Monster Mansion XMG Studio

  • Robo's World: The Zarnok Fortress Bluish-Green Productions

  • Shnipers Brenden Cameron

  • Archive, Memoria Technica Randy Orenstien

  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Asteroid Base

  • Super Rookery Rocket 5 Studios Inc

Comics + Zines

  • Critical Bit and BIT! Protect from Evil

  • Magical Beatdown Jenn Woodall

  • Stonewall 1969 Ad Astra Comix

  • The Queen Candidate Zoe Maxine

  • Cerbellum kokorobot

  • Deep Sea Ricky Lima

  • Butts A zine about cats and their butts Noreen Rana Illustration & Design

  • creepy coffee 22% of friendship edition

  • By Crom! Rachel Kahn

  • These Were Free On My Blog pup & fawn

  • Red Centipede Trevor Henderson

  • Take off! Meaghan Carter

  • Errol Dynamic PlierPants

Food + Beverage

  • Bao Chicka Wow Wow, Don't Be A Hater Tots Grub

  • Hot Cider Carroll & Co.

  • 504, Gosebuster Liberty Village Brewing Company

  • Churros and Hot Chocolate Santo Pecado

  • chocolate dipped caramels, caramel popcorn, English Toffee All Mine Caramel

  • Jackfruit Tacos Animal Liberation Kitchen

Music + Visuals 8 p.m. // $10

DODECAE ◉ presented by XXIIVV featuring

  • Dualryan Toronto

  • Ilkae Montreal

  • Ad·ver·sary Toronto

  • Aliceffekt Montreal

  • Nonante Toronto, visualist

  • Melesul3 Montreal, visualist

  • netgrind Toronto, visualist

How to Find Bit Bazaar

Bento Miso

The venue is a coworking space located at 862 Richmond Street West, in Toronto's Queen West neighborhood. We're just south of the gates of Trinity-Bellwoods Park, near Strachan and Richmond.

Public Transit

Take the 501 Queen or 504 King streetcar to Strachan. We're one block south of Queen and two north of King on Richmond.


There are paid Green P parking lots at Walnut/Richmond (2-minute walk), Queen/Ossington and King/Tecumseth (10-minute walk). They range from $2 to $3.50/hour. Street parking is $1.50 to $2.25/hour.