Getting Started

  • Both players choose 8 cards from their collection of Bazaar cards.
  • You may look at the 8 cards your opponent has chosen to play with.
  • Hold your cards in your hand, hidden away from your opponent.


  • Every round, you secretly choose a card in your hand.
  • You reveal your chosen cards simultaneously.
  • The card with the higher Power wins the round.
  • Abilities can modify who the winner is.
  • Cards played remain on the table. The losing card is turned sideways to help keep track of score.
  • In between rounds, before cards have been chosen, you may look at your opponent’s hand.
  • The first player with 4 victories wins. If this doesn’t happen after 8 rounds, the match is considered a draw.


  • A round is considered a tie, either by both players playing cards with identical Powers or by an ability forcing a tie.
  • If the round was a tie, the next round will determine the victor of the tied round, and the current one.
  • There can be multiple ties in a row. The next victor will win all of the tied rounds.

Conflicting Abilities

  • Cards overwrite any rules found above.
  • A card that says you lose a round trumps a card saying you win a round.
  • A card that says a round ties will always tie versus cards saying that a person wins or loses a round.
  • A card that says you lose the game trumps a card saying you win the game.


Printed Power
The number in the top-left corner. X equals 0.
The strength of the card, after all Abilities are applied.
The text that describes what the card does.
A turn in the game.

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Original Concept

Henry Faber

Game Design

Damian Sommer

Additional Design


Special Thanks

Jennie Faber
Seji Kanai


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