Bento Miso

What it’s all about.

Working for and/or by yourself now? Miso is something better.

We’re a membership-based collaborative workspace for independent designers and developers, food makers and beer brewers, writers, comic artists, game makers and social justice organizers—a community first, a shared space second.

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Miso is coworking

We have everything you need and not a lot you don't: Workstations, power, wi-fi and Herman Miller SAYL chairs. A kitchenette on each floor with fridge space for your lunch and all the coffee and tea you can drink. A library featuring Toronto authors and artists, books on game design and Web development. Five arcade machines, lunch tables, and cozy couches in the corner. There's no assigned seating or storage, so just come in and get to work.

Miso is a community

Our space is more than the tables and chairs and walls. Every day, Miso is filled with people focusing on interesting projects, sharing their challenges and triumphs. You might just find your next business partner, project collaborator, and friend here. And you don't have to be a coworking member to be a part of it all: Since January 2012, we have held 910 open-to-the-public events, from tech meetups to beer tastings, game nights to pop-up taco fiestas.

Get involved → Try us out for a day or pop by an upcoming event!

Here’s a sampling of what our members do:

Web & Software

  • Remote developers
  • Freelance designers
  • Content strategists
  • Small startup teams
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Illustrators & artists


  • Solo indie devs
  • Game audio engineers
  • Small studios
  • Graphic artists
  • Freelance programmers
  • Game journalists


  • Food-tech startups
  • Small retail producers
  • Home bakers
  • Food bloggers
  • Microbrewers
  • Food justice workers

Miso is welcoming and accessible

We value and are actively building a racially diverse and woman-friendly space. We offer low- or no-cost memberships to anyone who asks; strive to make the space as easy-to-use as possible for those who rely on assistive devices. Ourinclusiveness policy and Code of Conduct are living documents affirmed by all members and applicable to every person who uses our shared space.

The Team


Henry Faber

Co-founder + director
community development

Henry extends design principles into business strategy, problem-solving and relationship-building techniques that turn great ideas into successful products. He excels at making the complex understandable and executable. A graduate of Emily Carr’s New Media program, he has worked as a designer, consultant and mentor for clients and organizations throughout North America for more than 20 years. He founded Bento Box Projects, Inc. in Vancouver in 1999.

Jennie Faber

Co-founder + director

Born and raised in Alaska, Jennie grew up writing, gaming, and coding in the ‘90s. Now she’s an avid scooterist, a recovering prescriptivist editor, and front-end developer/partner at Bento Box Projects, Inc.

Dann Toliver

Co-founder + director

Spent his youth hacking on an Apple ][+; wrote visualization and analysis software for NASA and developed applications for Fortune 500 companies before joining Bento Box as partner and technical director in 2004.

Carly Beath

Director, fundraising

A musician and audio engineer passionate about arts community building and increasing the number of women in creative technologies. She has worked with MapleMusic, the Ontario NDP, the National Campus and Community Radio Association and others, and is currently communications manager for Interactive Ontario.


Robby Duguay

A/V Event Coordinator

Robby is a composer, sound designer and audio/visual tech expert. He's recorded bands, TV shows, theatre, and has travelled across Canada to run events for clients like Bayer, Allergan, CBC, KPMG, Warner Brothers, and Kinross. He enjoys anime and JRPGs, and he loves Christmas more than anyone you've ever met.

Terms of ServiceCode of ConductDiversity and Inclusiveness StatementAccessibility

We are a registered Canadian NFP: #839164-5.

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